Remember me, America, for I was once your son,
I fought and died at Valley Forge with General Washington;

I was there at Gettysburg on that tragic, tragic day.
When brother fought against brother - the blue against the grey.

I rode with Teddy Roosevelt on the charge up San Juan Hill.
Some came back to fight again - but I just lie there still.

I went to France with A.E.F. to bring the peace to you;
I was twenty-one and full of fun - I never saw twenty-two.

I am still here at Pearl Harbor since that December seventh day of infamy.
Lying silently with my shipmates on the U.S.S. Arizona at the bottom of the sea.

D-Day June 6th 1944, we hit the beaches of Normandy
And we fought uphill every inch of the way.

We routed the Germans and hurled them back,
But what a terrible price we had to pay.

I served on an U.S. submarine, the bravest of the brave,
Until a German depth charge gave us a watery grave.

I bombed the Ploesti oil fields; they blew with one big roar,
But in the attack we were hit with flack - I’ll never bomb anymore.

In Korea I heard the C.O. shout “We’ll make it - I am sure we will.”
I lost my life to try and take a spot called Pork Chop Hill.

Vietnam! Vietnam! When will we ever learn?
I am one of sixty thousand that never will return.

I left my town, my wife, my kids, my home, so cozy and warm;
I was killed in a scud attack in a war called — Desert Storm!

And so in my eternity my thoughts are all for thee,
I’ll never forget my America....
I pray she remembers me.

John Dirusso
World War II U.S. Air Force - Combat Veteran