La Grande Cabane de Georgia

Grande La Presidente


Sandy Wood
Cabane 217

Sandy is a member of Cabane Locale 217, Grande de Georgia. She was born in Randolph, MN and graduated from Randolph High School in 1972 and attended Mankato State University.

She joined La Societe de Femme in April 2000 in Richmond, VA eligible through her husband Mike. At her Cabane Locale 977 in Virginia, she has served in many offices and chaired many committees including La Presidente, which she served 3 terms, and is has also served as La Correspondant and La Commissaire Intendante. Since her relocation to Georgia she transferred her membership to Cabane Locale 217 in Atlanta and has served as La Commissaire Intendante and is currently serving as La Presidente.

In the Grande de Virginia she has served as La Drapeau, La Aide de Voiture, La Grande Cheminot, La Sous Presidente (2 terms), and she served as La Grande Presidente for 2 terms. She has chaired several committees. She was awarded Grande Dame of the Year in 2007. She also served the Grande de Virginia as La Commissaire Intendante, La Avocate and Youth Sports Chairperson. She now serves the Grande de Georgia as La Grande Presidente.

She has served La Societe de Femme Nationale as La Cheminot (2 terms), La Alternate Cheminot, La Aide de Femme, La Garde de la Porte, La Drapeau, La Aumonier and La Sous Presidente which during her term her home Grande Cabane de Virginia achieved 108% in membership and chartered a new Cabane Locale. She was elected La Presidente Nationale in 2012. She currently serves on the Nationale Nominating Committee and Cabane Nationale Advisory Board Member.  In 2006 she had the honor of assisting La Presidente Nationale Passe Berta Henderson in the wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day representing La Societe de Femme. She was again afforded this honor in 2008, 2009, and 2010, and in 2012 she laid the wreath representing Cabane Nationale as La Presidente Nationale.    

She has worked as the Corporate AP Manager for American Insulated Glass in Conley, GA for 36 years. Sandy is eligible for La Femmes membership through her husband Mike, who is a USMC veteran and Chef de Chemin de Fer Passe 2015. They make their home in Newnan, GA. She was a member of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 144 in Richmond, VA where she is a past Vice President and was awarded Lady of the Year. She is a member of The Generals Club, The Founders Club, and an associate member of The Box Car Association. Her hobbies are cooking, traveling, reading and collecting bling of all kinds.