La Grande Cabane de Georgia

Grande La Presidente


Charlotte Fordham
Cabane 567

Charlotte is a charter member of Cabane 567 in Savannah, Ga. Since 2007, she has served her Cabane as La Commissaire intendante, La Sous Presidente and Grand La Cheminot. She is still serving as La Presidente. She is still very active in Post 135 Auxiliary after serving 5 years as President. Charlotte is also a charter member and secretary of the Legion Riders. 

   Charlotte is fully employed in running 3 businesses. Her fun time is getting on her motorcycle, meeting up with friends and going for rides. She has a son who is a doctor and is specializing in radiology. He has given her 2 beautiful grandgirls! Charlotte and Tommy have been married for 18 years  and enjoy living in the country.

   Charlotte's goal for 2017- 18 is to continue to help others and keeping the La Femmes growing. Remembering there are strength in numbers but the power comes from working as a team!