Grand Voiture du

Grand Chef de Gare


Neal Meyers Jr.

Voiture 567

I joined the 40-8 in 2010 at V1229 where I shadowed George Shelton as Correspondant for 2 years before taking over in 2013. I remained the Correspondant for 2 years and was a member of the wrecking crew.  I was a Charter member of V4 in 2015 in Cartersville where I served as Correspondant for two years and a member of the Train Crew.  I moved to Savannah in 2017 and transferred to V567 in 2018 where I have served as Commissaire Intendent for three years.

While serving my Locales, during this time, I was the Sous Grand Correspondant for Georgia 2014-2019. and from 2019 until 2021 I served as Grand Correspondant du Georgia.

My wife, Shannon, and both of my daughters are also members of La Societe.  We believe in its principles and programs and would like to see Georgia increase its participation in those programs and grow our membership.  I looking forward to working with everyone and I am proud to be serving as your Grand Chef de Gare du Georgia.